The Mock Team

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Anthony Mock

President | Designer

Anthony Mock is a native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. With over 18 years of jewelry experience and one of the few master jewelers in Pennsylvania. Anthony Mock has studied and interned under multiple master bench jewelers — growing his craft and also refining the details of stone setting at New Approach School for Jewelers.

Anthony Mock has spent over 10 years in the wholesale loose diamond business. Buying and selling the best quality diamonds at the possible price for his customers. Making multiple connections with companies all over the world. Bringing the details and quality in getting the best diamonds for jewelry stores, now he brings the same passion to the retail consumer.

Having a passion for luxury jewelry and working for some of the most sought-after companies in the world, Anthony knows how the finished product should look and feel for the customer. Whether the customer is spending a hundred dollars or a hundred thousand dollars, the finished product must achieve perfection.

charity valenti

Charity Valente

VP of Sales and Customer Care

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Charity was born and raised in a small town south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She worked her way through college as both a salesperson at an independent jewelry store and as a high school cheerleading coach. Charity graduated Magna Cum Laude from California University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Public Relations and a minor in French.  Immediately after, she landed the position of Media Director for a wholesale jewelry manufacturer in downtown Pittsburgh. There, she handled the advertising, marketing, graphic design, photography, and customer relations for the company.  During this time, she moved to the South Hills of Pittsburgh, married her BFF she fell in love with at 18, and had two amazing kids that keep her on the go!

She then accepted the position of Operations Manager at another independent jewelry store where she was responsible for all aspects of daily operations, social media accounts, content creation, sales, customer satisfaction, and quality control. Charity says, “there’s nothing better than a happy customer! I love making people precisely what they want for the best price possible. That’s my overall goal at Mock & Co.” She loves to create new concepts and designs for jewelry, and prides herself on her expertise after 20 years in the industry.

In her spare time, Charity now coaches both youth cheerleading and soccer and loves to volunteer at her kids’ school.  She has a passion for Pittsburgh sports teams, cooking, reading, travel, theater, gaming, and has been to hundreds of concerts! She is a creative, people-person with a happy, genuine spirit and is a great asset to the Mock & Co. team.

stephanie engel mock and co

Stephanie Engel

VP of Design and Manufacturing

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Stephanie Engel is a native of Western Pennsylvania with over seven years of experience in custom jewelry design.  Stephanie attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where she earned her bachelor’s degree in illustration.  She now resides in Pittsburgh.

Drawing on her degree and practical jewelry bench experience, Stephanie excels in the intricacies of jewelry design and construction.  She is not only experienced in creating custom pieces from the ground up, but specializes in re-styling old materials into new, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.  Her use of CAD software in creating unique designs is backed up by her extensive knowledge of artistic styles.  She has created designs for a wide variety of clients from all over the world.

When not designing and building jewelry, Stephanie enjoys hanging out with her dog Freddy, collecting vintage Lucite and Bakelite jewelry, watching movies, and producing art in a variety of different mediums.

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Mateya Dudek

Store Manager

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As the granddaughter of a watchmaker, the daughter of a jewelry store owner and gemologist, Mateya Dudek was born into the jewelry industry. Growing up she would help out after school and on weekends at her dad’s jewelry store. There she met a young ambitious jeweler who would eventually become her boss, Anthony Mock. As the typical teenager she resisted following in her family’s footsteps and went to work in a bridal boutique. Although she wasn’t selling engagement rings, she couldn’t escape bridal all together. At 16, Mateya gained sales experience working with soon-to-be brides not just selling wedding gowns but also styling them from head to toe for their big day. She worked her way up from sales, to marketing, buying and eventually managing the whole store. While she loves fashion and styling, diamonds are in her DNA so she made the switch into the glamorous world of jewelry. 

As an integral part of the Mock & Co team, she has utilized her management, marketing and sales experience, as well as her family business background to help escalate the company’s growth and ensure client’s utmost satisfaction. What she loves most about working at Mock & Co is how family oriented the business is, and how each new client becomes a part of that family. 

Mateya lives in her hometown of Murrysville, PA with her husband, Michael, and two young kids, Michael & Ariella. When she’s not helping to make other’s dreams come true she enjoys traveling to warm climates, sports, shopping, good food and most importantly family & friends. 

terri hogan mock & co

Terri Hogan

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Terri is a native of the Eastern part of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has a degree in Criminal Justice/ Criminology. As she worked in this field for a short time it was quickly shifted due to her absolute love for children. Then for over 20 years, she began to work with children and youth. She loved teaching and being a special education support staff because it allowed her to give a child the experience of someone who really gets them and accepts them for who they are, despite any challenges or disability. “So often kids don’t have that person in their life, and I was honored to be that person!”

Nevertheless, Terri was always intrigued by how things are made and always had an innovative heart. So when the opportunity arose with Mock&Co she quickly jumped at the offer to join the team and work alongside Master Jeweler Anthony Mock. Working at Mock&Co really expanded her curiosity even deeper into the craft, gemstones and diamonds. She will be pursuing gemology and jewelry credentials to enhance and expand her professional knowledge and to become GIA certified with a focus on buying. “The team at Mock&CO has truly become family, and I’m excited about the future!” When not providing customer service to our amazing clients at the shop, Terri loves to hang out with her husband, children, the family dog, listen to audiobooks, vacation, and attend her Church.