Mock & Co Jewelry and Diamonds

About Us

Mock & Co Diamonds and Jewelry is a modern concierge jewelry experience. We can come to where you are, or work electronically to fulfill your dreams.


As life becomes more hectic, You need a family jeweler who you can trust and deliver on time. If you do not have the time to shop, the Mock & Co team can operate the best way you need them to function. Mock & Co has multiple team members who can facilitate every part of The Process, With the end product being made by Anthony Mock himself.

The majority of our customer we have never met formally, yet we have built strong partnerships. We have designed thousands of custom engagement rings, earrings and necklaces through text messages, emails, Facebook, and Instagram. We have also flown and made in-home appointments for the client who would want to repurpose jewelry or make high value purchases. Allowing our customers a concierge service, not found in stores, allows them to make their custom jewelry dreams come true.

As life becomes more hectic, you need a family jeweler
who you can trust to deliver on time. Let Mock & Company be that jeweler!