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How Does Mock & Co. Concierge Jewelry Work?

It's fast, powerful & simple! We work with you one-on-one to get you just what you want!

Connect With Mock & Co.

stephanie engel mock and coFirst off, you connect with a Mock Personal Designer and start to share ideas online or over the phone.  We leverage the power of social media and the net to make this as easy as possible for you.  Share Pinterest, Instagram or any other images with us as a starting point.  We’ll use text, email, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime — any way that works best.

Choose Stones, Style & Setting

We’ll share interactive images of curated diamonds with you and show you computer renderings of your setting.  Nothing is “carved in stone” until you give us the word!  You’ll know EXACTLY what your ring is going to look like before we go forward!

We Deliver - On Time!

yellow diamond engagement ringAfter you give us the go-ahead, we craft your ring or other jewelry piece.  Unlike many traditional jewelry stores, we can often turn your custom designed piece around in two weeks or less.  Then we securely ship it to you or hand deliver it!  That’s all there is to it!

Different From The Rest

Who We Are and What We Do

mock yellow diamond engagement ring
C. Wilson

Anthony Mock of Mock & Co is the most talented, honest dealers I’ve ever dealt with. I’ll never throw money away on big jewelry stores ever again. His attention to detail and craftsmanship is second to none and nobody is going to care enough to get you the best price and work with you like Anthony.

Thank u Mock & Co my wife and I will be customers for life as well as any family or friends.

J. Rose

My husband purchased my engagement ring from Mock and Co. The ring is absolutely perfect and I get compliments everywhere I go on how beautiful the diamond is.

His customer service exceeds anything we would have gotten at a local jewelry store, and he is worth every penny!

J. Bedford

I received the ring and it is beautiful! I opened it with my family and we were all excited about it. Lovely delivery. From the instant I opened the box and the light came on, the diamond glowed luminous. That first moment was truly a tremendous touch. Before I could even take it all in, it was out of my hands as my family passed it around to admire the craftwork and design. My mom continued to rave about it for almost 10 minutes straight - saying it looked like fire from this side, it looks like a flower from this side , it looks like a crown from this side. This is a beautiful ring! Thank you for taking my initial vision and bringing it to life!